eshape Store FAQs


Are the shapes downloaded and stored on my computer? How do I buy and download a shape? What happens if I receive an incorrect shape? Can I make purchases through my web browser or only when using the eCAL/SCAL software?


How often will new shapes be uploaded to the eshape Store? Can I share my files with a friend? Can I submit my own designs to sell on the eshape Store?


What can I purchase at the eshape Store? Can I buy a subscription to the eshape Store? What are my payment options? How do I use a coupon code? Do I have to pay sales tax on digital downloads? What is your return/refund policy? I don’t live in the United States. Can I still buy and use shapes from the Sizzix eshape Store?


Where can I find my downloaded shapes? How do I use the shape once it has been downloaded from the eshape Store? How do I use my purchased fonts? What are the different layers that come with the shape? Why is there a green line on my design?

Sizzix eshape Store Navigation

I signed up for a free account, but I haven’t received the confirmation email.  Where is it? What are projects? How do I upload my own project? Can I create a wishlist? Is there a way I can send a friend a link to view a certain design? Do you have a newsletter that will send me updates every time new shapes are uploaded to the eshape Store?


Do Sizzix eshapes only cut with eclips and eclips2 machines?