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Graciela Lira, founder and owner of Berry Sweetmty, a scrapbook store that has sold Sizzix products since 2010. Thanks to active feedback from the final consumers, a demand for practical and versatile products was noticed, and Graciela Lira's designs aim to address this demand for a greater consumer satisfaction. All designs are made with ease of assembly and practical use in mind, which can be further exploited thanks to the power of editing the digital shapes in Sizzix's eCAL software before cutting them with Sizzix's eClips machine. This customization liberty, combined with the electronic shapes' practical design, provide the users unparallelled freedom to carry out the ideal projects they have in mind!

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Pop TrayTissue BoxWallet
Hummingbirds BoxMultipurpose Box 
IMPORTANT: In order to download and use files from this store, you must use "Sure Cuts A Lot" or "eCAL" software.